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FOFOS Cat Scratchers

FOFOS Cat Scratchers

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Cats are natural-born scratchers, and they’re not just doing it to annoy you. Whether you're looking for a way to keep your cat from shredding your furniture or just want them to have an alternative to clawing at the couch, FOFOS cat scratchers are great option. FOFOS cat scratcher will help your cat release those feel-good hormones that keep them healthy, while also helping them stretch their claws, feet and bodies. It's made from a durable material that is sure to last. You can choose from two styles

FOFOS Cake Cat Scratcher ( 46x46x42cm): This lovely cake cat scratcher from FOFOS features a hideout for your cat as well as a teaser at the top that offers your feline buddy a couple more ways to be entertained aside from the scratcher itself.

FOFOS Coconut Tree Cat Scratcher (34x60x60cm): This adorable coconut tree scratcher acts as a scratching post for your furry friend, which they will surely enjoy. 

FOFOS Plant Pot Cat Scratcher (63cm tall): This cute plant pot scratcher from FOFOS is perfect to help your kitten satiate their scratching instincts.

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