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KitCat Soya Clump Kitten Baby Powder

KitCat Soya Clump Kitten Baby Powder

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Kit Cat SOYA CLUMP is 100% biodegradable and contains no chemicals or additives. It's made from the insoluble parts of a soybean, which would usually be disposed in a landfill. We're proud to be eco-friendly, so we make an effort to find a second purpose for these waste products.

Quick Clumping : Forms scoopable clumps after use. Do Not Stick To The Cat Litter Box
Eco Friendly : Made from natural biodegradable soybean
Suitable For All Life Stages : Kittens, adults & senior cats
Virtually 99.9% Dust Free : So you will avoid breathing in or cleaning up dust
Scoop & Flush : Safe to flush in small quantities
Soft & Gentle on Paw : Perfect for cats with sensitive paws
Non Toxic & 100% Safe : No chemical added & safe for kittens, cats or humans
Odour Control : Effectively removes odour within 5 Minutes
No Tracking : Lesser mess & paw friendly

    How to Use:
    Step One: Fill your litter pan with a minimum depth of 5 cm (2 inches) of Kit Cat Soya Clump.
    Step Two: The portion used by pets, absorbs urine and clumps instantly, trapping odour as well.
    Step Three: Remove the clumped portion and replenish with the same amount.
    Step Four: Flushed down clump portion into the toilet or used as fertilizer.

    * When you share your home with multiple cats, it is advisable to change the litter more frequently. For hygiene reasons, it is also important to wash your hands immediately after cleaning or emptying the tray.
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