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Mr Shoes Adjustable Outdoor Shoes

Mr Shoes Adjustable Outdoor Shoes

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Mr Shoes are perfect for your adventurous pup. With an adjustable double closure system, they'll provide support and stability no matter where your dog goes. The shoes are lightweight and breathable, with soles designed to mimic a dog's paw. Designed with waterproof material and breathable mesh, Mr Shoes cut down on the possibility of your dog slipping or hurting his/her paws on a walk. Plus, it features an adjustable Velcro strap around the ankle and a soft rubber sole to keep your dogs paws safe, while the reflective accents will make them visible in the dark. Just be sure to spot clean them only when necessary. They are perfect for painted floors or grass, mud, slippery and all grounds. 


Size Chart *

Sizes Shoe Length Shoe Width
1 5.3 cm 4 cm
2 5.8 cm 4.5 cm
3 6.3 cm 5 cm
4 6.8 cm 5.5 cm
5 7.3 cm 6 cm
6 7.8 cm 6.5 cm
7 8.3 cm 7 cm 
8 8.8 cm 7.5 cm


* Please refer to image to know how to measure your size.

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