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Bugalugs Cat Ear Cleaner

Bugalugs Cat Ear Cleaner

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Bugalugs Cat Ear Cleaner is the perfect addition to your cats? grooming routine. Our naturally derived gentle formula soothes and relives itchy ears, reduces ear odour and removes wax and dirt and helps to prevent infections. Our specialist cat ear cleaning solution formula delivers fast results to keep ears clean and in great condition.

Our gentle vegan ear cleaner is formulated with ethically sourced ingredients & is effective in removing wax from cat?s ears and reducing head shaking caused by irritations from dirt build-up and itching. Packed with a blend of naturally derived citrus ingredients to eliminate bad odours and leave your cat?s ears clean and healthy. Manufactured in a GMP certified facility, Bugalugs are a trusted UK brand who prioritise high quality ingredients & the best manufacturing processes. You can rest assured when choosing our ear cleaner for cats, it's certifiably, safe.

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