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FOFOS Cuddle Duck Mat & Plush Toy

FOFOS Cuddle Duck Mat & Plush Toy

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FOFOS Cuddle Duck is the way to go if you want to give your pet a friend who can help them relax and feel safe.

The plush and mat are made of soft-to-touch, durable cotton that is machine washable. Simply toss it into your washer, and it will be thoroughly cleaned. The warm company can cure anxiety, help crate training, and most importantly, expel your pet's loneliness.

FOFOS Cuddle Duck comes with a plush, a mat, and a recordable heartbeat simulator, providing all-around comfort for your pet. The heartbeat simulator can also record voices for up to 15 seconds that plays for every 5 minutes. If there is any particular message you want to leave for your pet, record them, and it will accompany your pet throughout the process.

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