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Fabotex Boston Petit Sofa - Blue Azzurro

Fabotex Boston Petit Sofa - Blue Azzurro

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Fabotex BOSTON Camouflage Sofa is the best and most unique dog bed you can buy. The waterproof, scratch resistant, and high strength dog bed has a completely removable cover with zip for indoor and outdoor use. The fabric is 100% Polyester with a twist cotten lining and is finished in a Trendy Color. This dog bed will provide your pet with a cozy place to sleep, relax or play, while being safe from any harm. Filling 100% polyurethane foam crumbs.


  • XS - 65x50x22 cms
  • Small - 80x67x22 cms
  • Medium - 100x80x25 cms
  • Large - 120x100x28 cms
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