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Fish4Dogs® Treats Training Puppy Salmon Bites 80g

Fish4Dogs® Treats Training Puppy Salmon Bites 80g

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Small crunchy treats, made from 100% salmon. Tasty and aromatic these treats are small enough to use frequently when training and rewarding your puppy. Perfect for delicate puppy tummies, these treats are grain free, and free from poultry and meat proteins, often linked to dietary intolerances.

Part of our specially designed puppy range, fish is rewarding and motivating for puppies, as well as packed with omega 3 and easily digestible protein, helping them grow into happy, healthy adult dogs.

Ingredients: Salmon 100%

Analytical Consituents: 

  • Protein 61%
  • Fibre 0.1%
  • Fat Content 22.5%
  • Ash 3%
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