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FOFOS Shaking Mouse

FOFOS Shaking Mouse

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Your cat is a natural hunter, and they're always ready to pounce.

That's why we created the FOFOS Shaking Mouse. It features a pull string that triggers the mouse to shake and create mouse sounds, which are sure to catch your cat's attention—and keep them engaged for hours! The toy is also filled with catnip inside, so it's even more appealing to your feline friend.

Let your curious kitty try out this fun new toy today!

NOT ALL CATS REACT TO CATNIP: Only 66% of all cats carry the Catnip Gene. Uncertain if your cat carries the catnip gene? Try this toy out.

RECOMMENDED AGE: 6 Months and above. The catnip gene develops only after your
kitten reaches 6 months of age.

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