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GiGwi Pop Pals Ball

GiGwi Pop Pals Ball

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Incredibly soft, light, bouncy and durable, GiGwi's latest innovation uses the world's leading high-performance responsive material, Infinergy, exclusively authorized by BASF. Suitable for fetch & chewing.

Pop Pal dog balls are the latest in innovation from the GiGwi design team and are a MUST have! The new fetch range is made of a unique high performing hybrid material, which until now could only be found in the sports and fitness arena. This material is the first of it's kind, bringing the durability of hard plastic, while maintaining the bounce and characteristics of a tennis ball.

  • Durability – Last for any length of time for your dog’s powerful jaws.
  • Non-Toxic – Molding in water steam, chemical residues free, pure fun.
  • Easy to Clean – Just rinse with water and it will look brand-new.
  • High Elasticity – Bounce as never before.
  • Lightweight – Incredibly light, more games, no load.
  • Teething - Soft and comfort material designed for your dog's teeth.
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