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Harringtons Complete Chicken & Rice Senior Dry Dog Food

Harringtons Complete Chicken & Rice Senior Dry Dog Food

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Every dog owner should choose Harringtons dry dog food - a complete, healthful, and natural choice. For all dogs older than 8 weeks. Dry dog food that is 100% complete and can be given alone or combined with wet dog food.

Meat: the main ingredient and an excellent source of natural protein for energy, development, and repair. - No artificial colours, flavours or added wheat. No nasties. No surprises. Just natural, wholesome goodness.

Carefully formulated using all natural ingredients to provide wholesome nutrition.
Additional advantages include components including prebiotic FOS, which supports healthy digestion and provides vitamins, minerals, and trace elements naturally from seaweed, and vitamin E, which supports healthy immune function.

Turkey: an excellent natural source of protein for growth, repair, and energy.

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