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JR’s Dried Whole Sprats Natural Hypoallergenic Chew

JR’s Dried Whole Sprats Natural Hypoallergenic Chew

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JR's Whole Baltic Sprats are made with 100% Air dried Sprats. Packed with essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, these highly palatable little fish are easy to digest treats that support a healthy immune system, heart, cognitive function, has natural anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healthy skin and coat. 

These tasty, Highly Palatable treats are a great anytime treat or reward.

Ingredients: 100% Whole Baltic Sprat
Weight: 85g

* You love your pet, and they love you. But did you know that there's a limit to how many Chews your fur baby can have a day? It's true! Chews should be used as a supplement to their regular diet, not as a replacement for it.
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