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Luxury Velvet Rose Harness

Luxury Velvet Rose Harness

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Luxury Velvet Rose Harness are perfect for special occasions and events, and the combination of velvet with rose gold hardware clips and buckles sounds very stylish. A soft padded velvet chest harness ensures your pups is comfortable and looking sassy too! It's great to have quality and luxury dog accessories, especially for those who want to include their furry friends in their special occasions.

Luxury Velvet Rose Harness are adjustable and designed for stylish small pooches. Available in small and medium size, you can complete the look with matching Lead & Bow tie.

Add a personal touch by proudly displaying your pup's name with our bespoke labels. Please note once confirmed bespoke harness will take 7 working days to be dispatched. Our team will get in touch with you regards to customisation. 

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