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MidWest Steel Pet Gate

MidWest Steel Pet Gate

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Keep your pet safe and happy with Steel Pet Gates by MidWest Homes for Pets.

Steel Pet Gates by MidWest Homes for Pets are the perfect way to keep your pet in a good place. They’re sturdy, attractive, and convenient—and they keep your pet calm, secure, and comfortable while providing you with peace of mind. They install quickly too: just four individually adjustable tension knobs create a pressure mount that’s stable and secure within doorways and entryways.

These gates are expandable to fit spaces from 29½ inches to 38 inches wide. Additional extensions can be purchased separately to fit an entryway with a maximum width of 54 inches. The one-handed, safe and secure spring-loaded latch allows you to operate the 19-inch-wide door with ease.

Assembling these gates is simple: no tools are required unless you use mounting cups. As if all this weren’t enough, our Steel Pet Gates are remarkably easy-to-clean: simply wipe with a cloth using mild, pet-safe cleanser!

Our Steel Pet Gates come in two heights—29 inches and 39 inches.

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