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MP Bergamo Pin Up Luxo Open Cat Litter Tray

MP Bergamo Pin Up Luxo Open Cat Litter Tray

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The MP Bergamo Mocaccino pin-up litter pan with sieve is a compact, open option for cats that dislike covered litter pans. The design of this pan is simple yet functional and helps contain your cat's mess by keeping them from kicking out their waste or urine. Included is a separate sieve pan that allows you to easily remove your cat’s urine and feces from the remaining litter without needing to scoop.


  • Compact, functional design for cats that dislike closed litter pans

  • Sieve tray allows for easy separation of urine & feces without scooping

  • Raised sides to contain messes inside

  • Three separate pieces for easy cleaning

  • Available in one colour and in one size


Size: 59 × 39.5 × 27cms

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