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PETKIT Eversweet SOLO 1.8L

PETKIT Eversweet SOLO 1.8L

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Enjoy the convenience of providing fresh, clean, healthy, and smooth water for your cat and dog at home with PETKIT Eversweet SOLO Water Fountain. Cats are naturally attracted to moving objects. The specially designed way of spring water spouting and circulating spouts constantly arouses cats’ interest and attention. Flowing water helps cats drink more water.

PETKIT Eversweet SOLO Water Fountain offers clean, fresh, and safe water for your pets to enjoy at any time of the day. The silent pump with 30 dB (approx) allows you and your pets to sleep at night without worrying about the availability of fresh water. 

The elevated design promotes an ideal drinking posture for cats and dogs, which avoids choking and neck or spinal issues. It also has a Smart Mode option that helps conserve energy, so your bill won’t spike up.

Suitable for Cats and Small Breed Dogs

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