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Vet's Best® Flea Tick Home Spray for Cats

Vet's Best® Flea Tick Home Spray for Cats

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With Vet's Best® Flea & Tick Home Spray, you can keep fleas and ticks from taking over your home. This product uses premium quality ingredients to kill fleas, flea eggs, and ticks by contact. It also has a 100 percent certified natural peppermint and eugenol formula that's safe enough to use around the whole family—including cats 12 weeks or older.

The spray can be used indoors and outdoors to provide protection all around your home. It's gentle enough to be applied directly on your cat's skin, so you don't have to worry about accidentally getting any in his eyes or mouth.

Ingredients: Peppermint Oil…0.30%, Eugenol (from Clove plants)…0.70%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (plant-derived)…2.70%, Inert Ingredients* …96.30%, *Water, Sodium Benzoate (preservative widely used in foods).

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