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Zeal® Natural Hoki Fish Oil Supplement for Cats & Dogs

Zeal® Natural Hoki Fish Oil Supplement for Cats & Dogs

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Zeal® Natural Hoki Fish Oil is a full-spectrum fish oil that's completely pure and extracted from wild-caught Hoki fish, deep in the pristine waters off the coast of New Zealand. It also comes with a high DHA per serving of 140 mg and an EPA of 70 mg.

Hoki fish have been shown to support the health of: Skin & Coat; Brain; Heart; Immune System; Eye; Joints and Flexibility; Kidneys. And it's easy to pump over your petʼs meal in controlled dosages.

Zeal® Natural Hoki Fish Oil is packaged in a neat pump bottle to avoid contact with oxygen as exposed oils can easily oxidise. This also prevents degradation to quality from exposure to light. A quick pump of Zeal® Hoki Fish Oil on top of a daily meal will ensure that your pet is getting the required amount of Omega 3’s as dogs and cats can’t make Omega 3 in their own bodies, it must be in the diet. Using a high quality sourced oil fish like Zeal® Natural Hoki Fish Oil is key to ensuring you get all of the benefits of fish oil.

100% Pure New Zealand Hoki Fish Oil, Antioxidants.

Nutrition Information – per serving:
1 pump = 1.5g Hoki Oil / 1.5g

Anti-oxidant / .03%
Omega-3 / 220mg No less than DHA / 140mg & EPA / 70mg
Usage* – 1 pump per 5 kg of body weight onto food once per day

* We recommend giving no more than the suggested dose per day—and only as directed by your vet. If you see any adverse reactions while giving Fish Oil to your pet, discontinue use immediately and consult with your vet. If you prefer to keep fish oil in the fridge, remember that it will go solid. Just a gentle rinse of the bottle under warm water will loosen up the oil so that it easily pumps through onto your pet's meal.
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