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earthbath® Grooming Wipes - Mango Tango®

earthbath® Grooming Wipes - Mango Tango®

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Earthbath® Mango Tango Grooming Wipes safely and easily wipe away dirt and odor between baths, leaving your pet heavenly scented of fragrant mangoes. Handily clean pets’ dirty paws, undercoat, and deodorize between baths. With exfoliating aloe vera and a healthy shine from the exotic Hawaiian Awapuhi conditioning agents, these wipes make taking care of your furry friend a breeze. Safe for animals over 6 weeks old.

Ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera, Hawaiian awapuhi extract, ginseng extract, glycerin, vitamin E, botanical fragrance of mango, preservative.

Precautions: Avoid eye contact. Flush thoroughly with water if eye contact occurs.

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